We design, install, and provide professional horticultural services for all your plant care needs.

DESIGN: We take all our clients’ specific needs and concerns into consideration when creating a design tailored to their needs. Our innovative designs have been praised by top interior designers around the country, such as Daroff Designs of Philadelphia. We take pride in consulting designers, architects, building managers, and every one on a particular project to help make everyone’s job easier and help reflect their image with the use of live plants.With the use of modern, unique, structural plants, containers and ground covers we can help you achieve cutting edge designs for every space.

QUALITY: We use only the highest quality materials on every job including grade “A” Florida Fancy Quality plant species. Our customer service is unsurpassed with clients who have been with us since the very beginning in 1981. We are fully licensed and insured meeting all large project insurance requirements.

SERVICE: Our Guaranteed Maintenance Service is second to none. We empower our employees to make on the spot decisions in order to meet your needs immediately. Our horticulturalist and technicians our extensively trained and tested to ensure Victoria’s quality is passed on through every personal touch.

BENEFITS: Your workspace should reflect your image! Make that most important first impression a lasting one. Bring your love of live plants in and let us help you project a professional image for you and your company.

Live plants add a unique essence to your work environment that no other accessory can offer, making employees and yourself feel healthy and more energetic. What better cost effective way to add live décor to your surroundings?