Elegant Orchid Arrangements

Add a touch of real class with our exotic and breathtaking arrangements. Victoria’s Plant Designs is your source for stunning orchid arrangements of all sizes and varieties.  Make your guests feel luxurious while making them think you spent a fortune!



We design, install, and provide professional horticultural services for all your plant care needs. We take all our clients’ specific needs and concerns into consideration when creating a design tailored to their needs. Our innovative designs have been praised by top interior designers around the country, such as Daroff Designs of Philadelphia. We take pride in consulting designers, architects, building managers, and every one on a particular project to help make everyone’s job easier and help reflect their image with the use of live plants.With the use of modern, unique, structural plants, containers and ground covers we can help you achieve cutting edge designs for every space.


Creative Holiday Arrangements

At Victoria’s Plant Designs we specialize in providing beautiful holiday plant arrangements. The holidays truly come to life with the help of our beautiful professional displays.

Lease creative holiday décor for your business and sit back and enjoy! We deliver. We install. We remove. We clean up. All you do is sit back, enjoy, and look great!